Saturday, May 22, 2010

ode to summer whites

Every year, someplace in between spring's end and the brink of summer...I begin my annual obsession with white. White is so reminiscent of summertime. Nothing seems more crisp, more breezy for a day in the sunshine than white. It always stands out, looks clean, and shows off a summer tan. Nothing looks more beautiful in the summertime.

my new pajamas

white handbags, LOVE

I am searching for a white tunic..maybe this one.

or this one...please tell me if you see one in a slightly thicker cotton

the trend this past spring was the LWD, little white dress....
unlike a simple basic little black dress....the white dress is embellished, ruffled, and feminine.

the skirt on this dress is like a cloud...I love it.

the details on these lwds are so beautiful, so girly and bright.

this one from j.crew can go as a cover up...slip in on at the pool and head right out to dinner.

speaking of cover ups....what is better than a white shirt?

this would be the hottest poolside outfit too....expensive, but tres tres sexy

and if you dare....a white swim suit will get attention at the pool or beach above all colors..

love the length and the detail.

don't forget the white hot accessories....

and white shades...

and the hot white basics that look so elegant in the summer this fab jacket...oh my i want this....

these pants are simply timeless

and to showcase turquoise or bright jewelry, white is number 1

this look is so pretty on eva

wear your white this summer...get it all out of your system before labor day

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Jennifer and Jason Young said...

very cool! love your fun picks :)